Snowshoe Tours in the Yellowstone Backcountry

Experience the beauty of a Yellowstone winter, at a snowshoers pace from the "Yellowstone Yurt Camp". Join our snowshoe guides to explore the snow covered Yellowstone backcountry. Our multiday snowshoe excursions are based from the comfortable "Yellowstone Yurt Camp" located only one half mile from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. The social center of the camp is composed of two large, heated yurts, while guests sleep in their own private heated tent cabins. Transportation to the camp from West Yellowstone, as well as to trailheads within the park, is by tracked "snow-vans". Package excursions include guides, all meals, lodging (includes bedding and linens) at the yurt camp, and all snow-van transportation within the park.
The Yellowstone Yurt Camp at night From the Yellowstone Yurt Camp snowshoers can track the meadows of Cascade Creek, travel to several backcountry hot spring basins, explore the rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, or enjoy the vistas from the slopes of the Washburn Range. Join us this winter for great scenery, abundant wildlife, and some of the best snow the Northern Rockies has to offer.

Yellowstone Expeditions also offers guided cross country ski excursions from the Yellowstone Yurt Camp.


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